During this online kickstart training you will get a full Mendix platform tour in order to understand how to position and use the platform for your application development. Development basics using Studio and Studio Pro will be introduced and explained using interactive and hands-on exercises.

Who should attend this training

This course is for everybody who wants to understand the Mendix platform and get familiar with building low-code applications. It's a perfect fit for IT-oriented business analysts and domain experts, citizen developers and experienced software developers looking for a first experience in low-code.

Course overview

During this course you will be taught:

  • What the Mendix platform is envisioning.
  • How Mendix and the agile methodology reinforce each other.
  • How to start collaboration in a Mendix project.
  • Develop your first application using Mendix Studio and Studio Pro.
  • Differences and strengths of Studio and Studio Pro.
  • Basic principles of how Mendix handles the data, frontend and logic model.
  • How to consume a Rest service in your Mendix app.


You will learn how to build an application with Mendix. Although no technical prerequisites are required, it helps when you already understand the general concepts of application development.

Course Content

  • What is & why Mendix?
  • Agile/Scrum basic principles
  • What is a Mendix Project and start your own Project
  • Model & deploy your first Mendix app using Studio
  • Application Life-cycle Management Process
  • Continue the application development using Studio Pro
  • Differences between Mendix Studio and Studio Pro
  • How to use the Mendix Teamserver
  • Data modeling in Mendix
  • Front-end development
  • Application logic using Microflow
  • Secure the Mendix app
  • Call a Rest API from the Mendix application
  • Mendix Cloud & governance