Global challenges need a global solution

Faced with the challenge of coordinating a growing global marine operation, Mr. Marine was looking for a solution that would facilitate the communication and coordination between its various teams scattered around the world. Communication between project managers in the office and engineers at sea was at times fragmented, with some still occurring on paper and other digital channels not harmonized.

To address this, Mr. Marine decided to digitize the process, and we assisted them in implementing a solution. They needed a digital tool to streamline maintenance and service activities, making tasks easier for everyone involved. Thus, the Field Service Management App was developed, enabling project managers and engineers to efficiently plan and monitor various maintenance activities for their clients.

Why low-code?

Choosing low-code development was a new step for Mr. Marine. Driven by their small IT-team and a desire to avoid the costs and complexities of traditional coding, they discovered Mendix as the solution for them. A platform known for its reliability, Mendix's user-friendly design and stability made it an attractive choice, offering Mr. Marine a solid solution for both their current needs and future possibilities.

apvine emerged as the natural choice for Mr. Marine. With our experience in development, collaborative project management and technical expertise, we seamlessly complemented Mr. Marine’s needs.

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The result?

The result is a fully functional Field Service Management (FSM) app for all elevator inspection activities, enabling seamless communication between engineers and project managers. This app allows them to efficiently plan technician schedules, stay connected, receive instant inspection reports, and communicate with customers—all in one streamlined process from start to finish.

Technically, the app is available in both native and web variants. Engineers, who are frequently on the move, use the native mobile version, while project managers in the office utilize the web version. The app integrates with SAP and Slack, pulling data from new requests into the FSM app and updating them in case there are changes. Slack is used to notify project managers of any planning complications. Additionally, inspections can be immediately signed off by the captain through the app, saving project managers significant time.

All of this results in a more efficient and time-saving process for both engineers and project managers, simplifying their tasks and ensuring timely completion of activities. Engineers benefit from real-time updates and quick access to information, while project managers enjoy seamless data integration enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Working with Apvine has been a transformative experience for us at Mr. Marine. Their expertise and collaborative approach have seamlessly guided us towards digitizing our operations, significantly enhancing our efficiency and coordination.
Mihnea Radulesca, IT manager @ Mr. Marine

And now?

But that's just the beginning. Looking ahead, Mr. Marine has ambitious plans to expand their app into one complete solution. This includes extending the FSM app to cover all their services and developing a customer portal. Integrating this portal with the FSM app will streamline processes further, enabling seamless data transfer between platforms.

Mr. Marine's journey to digitizing their services marks a significant step toward improving operations and customer satisfaction. We’re excited to see how they will continue to innovate and expand their services in the future.

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