The need for low-code

The transition towards a digitally-focused enterprise has been driven by a strategic decision made by the parent company, Schwarz (which includes brands like Lidl and Kaufland), to address local requirements and expedite the process of digitization across the entire organization.

Facing diverse technological approaches across various countries, including different high-code and low-code options, Schwarz did a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the best-fit solution for their needs. Ultimately, they found their answer in Mendix's low-code platform and Microsoft Power Apps. Mendix was chosen because of the platform's swift development capabilities, seamless API integration, compatibility with their own Stackit Cloud, minimized shadow IT concerns and for Lidl BE specifically, the universal language adaptability.

Initially introduced as an optional avenue for individual countries, the adoption of Mendix gradually grew in significance. Schwarz soon elevated it to a central pillar of their digital strategy, making it mandatory for all countries within the organization. This strategic shift aligns the entire company towards a unified technological approach while catering to the distinct requirements of each region.

Low-code for retail

Low-code development has emerged as a powerful tool for both Lidl and the broader retail sector. Its versatility and efficiency align seamlessly with the dynamic nature of the retail landscape.

The partnership has resulted in a range of innovative applications that enhance operational efficiency. First we started by creating a consolidated forms application, simplifying employee paperwork and a work accident reporting app for quicker incident documentation. At the moment we are working together on a project management tool to streamline reporting, and a price recording app for efficient price comparison with competitors. These applications all contribute to the brand's evolution into a digital-first company.

Low-code's user-friendly interface enables faster development, empowering Lidl to swiftly roll out innovative solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Its agility allows for quick adaptation to changing market trends and consumer needs, a crucial advantage in the fast-paced retail world.

What the future brings

The partnership between Lidl BE and Apvine exemplifies the synergy that can arise when retail expertise meets specialized technical guidance. Apvine's role as a low-code partner empowers Lidl through a digital transformation journey without the need for full software development.

Collaborative brainstorming, idea exchange, and technical guidance enable Lidl to harness the full potential of low-code. Together, we expand Lidl's application portfolio, addressing retail challenges from car order systems to project management tools. We’re excited to see what the future holds.

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