Mendix - a quick recap

If you’re reading our blog, you probably know this already, but just in case - Mendix is a low-code platform that offers an agile solution to building digital products. By lowering the entry-barrier to development, Mendix facilitates close collaboration between business and IT teams to find the right solution to any given digital challenge, and is particularly powerful when it comes to developing bespoke digital tools (where standardised solutions aren’t enough) in a cost-efficient, time-efficient way.

Low-code is kind of like lego - a quick and intuitive way to prototype and build new things with ease. It was designed to build apps from scratch, block by block, but Mendix started wondering if there might be another option - just like lego, why not offer pre-built templates for specific functions? Especially given that so many companies build the same types of low-code solutions, and a significant part of any low-code creation can be reused as a foundation for future projects!

A new approach to low-code

So Mendix had an idea - pre-built low-code app templates using best practices that could then be tailored to a specific customer’s needs. This would save customers time and money (offering a much faster time to market) while further broadening Mendix’s service offering and leading the way for others to build their own templates too. Everyone wins!

With this in mind they created their first template package - Field Service Management suite. FSM is a set of low-code templates aimed at maximising the efficiency of an organisation’s maintenance processes such as work order execution, field service scheduling and facility management within and beyond the manufacturing industry. “FSM showcases that it’s possible to deliver an adaptive solution using Mendix that can help both our partners and customers thrive with low-code.”

While low-code projects traditionally start from scratch (as users combine building blocks to create the tool they need) FSM is a standardised approach that solves several key functions for manufacturing companies right off the bat. Implementing it within a specific client’s workflow still requires some customisation (done through co-creation with the customer), but the majority of the development is already there out-the-box.

"The FSM suite offers a low-code solution to benefit aspects of field service, high-value assets on the shop floor and facility managers too. And it’s hopefully just the start of a new approach to low-code. Mendix is already actively testing various other templates within the market to gauge demand and finetune their ideas before moving forward.”

Growing from producer to facilitator

In some ways Mendix is standing at a crossroads. As they develop an ecosystem around templates they could potentially branch out from being just a low-code producer to also becoming a facilitator and enabler of low-code solutions. “We’ll need partners like apvine not only to implement templates for customers, but also to gather feedback, generate ideas on new templates and ideally produce those templates as well.” Their vision is to inspire many more partners and customers around the world to contribute to a wide range of Mendix based solutions and create a digital community in the process. Furthermore Mendix hopes this ecosystem will play a role in creating both out-the-box solutions and more adaptive solutions that would include regular updates and greater personalisation. This would benefit everyone, as customers could become partners and partners could become vendors.

Curious to find out more? We’re hosting a customer round table event on the 9th of June to discuss the challenges within service and maintenance, and the digital aspect of things. You can also check out our solutions page to read more about how Mendix FSM can help your business.

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