Our MTS: The best of custom and OOB MES software solutions

Choosing the right digitization strategy for manufacturers is often perceived as choosing between an out-of-the-box (OOB) digital manufacturing execution system and a custom build.

An OOB manufacturing execution system is fast to deploy, but a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t always work for tailored workflows or non-traditional business models.

How MTS accelerates digital manufacturing initiatives

Improving operations with purpose-built tools for manufacturing and digital transformation means your enterprise doesn’t have to compromise.

  • Optimized collaboration and communication between business and IT units reduces thrash and dev backlogs
  • Low-code application development means each manufacturer can mold module operations to their business model in less time, with fewer resources
  • Dynamic starting points let manufacturers build their digital transformation and prioritize plans based on their business needs instead of a prescribed workflow
  • Manufacturing-specific MTS modules provide an alternative to the traditional digitization dilemma of either a tailored performance or a fast deployment time

MTS delivers process optimization in manufacturing at the pace of an OOB solution without sacrificing customization.

Connect your tools, systems, and people

Dashboard controls make incorporating data sources easier and more actionable than available ready-made products, generic manufacturer toolkits and MES integrations. Integrated data sources lead to better metrics visibility and can help with crucial modern manufacturing deliverables such as traceability. Communication across modules is baked into the our MTS, reducing operational bottlenecks.

Cloud-ready and easy to migrate

Our templates, built on Mendix, are cloud-native, containerized, and portable by default. Manufacturers can customize, grow, and scale their applications beyond the capabilities of traditional MES solution, without rearchitecting or redesigning. Migrating from one environment to another and incorporating custom governance frameworks are easy and fast to implement using our low-code app suite.

Sustainable, cost-effective, and governable

With the MTS, your enterprise can eliminate paperwork while reducing human touchpoints and manual errors. Your enterprise can create automated governance checkpoints, reports, and warnings for any manufacturing need — from warehouse temperatures to recipe management. MTS modules were built to ensure process efficiency, resource optimization, and regulations compliance.

Low-code MTS: Optimized for Digital Manufacturers

There are a lot of tools out there that can help your cloud migration, build your enterprise dashboard, and automate your business processes. The ease of implementation, future-proof flexibility, and unlimited scalability of the Mendix low-code templates make our MTS different. Further, our expertise in low-code application development and manufacturing workflows help organizations build an appropriate digital execution plan.

Empower your team to build better manufacturing processes together

With the MTS, enterprises can assign user roles with appropriate access to views and create permissions for different business processes. For instance, users on the shop floor have mobile access to the tools they need for the production job at hand, eliminating the need for paperwork and reducing human touchpoints.

Additional robust collaboration tools make communicating across modules and developing business process solutions easier. Pre-built components deemphasize coding and can also reduce development timelines. With shorter implementation cycles, clear communication channels, and lower operational costs, manufacturing enterprises have more bandwidth for technology-related improvements.

Our MTS has the modules and collaboration tools manufacturers need

Each MTS module focuses on a different area of the digital manufacturing process, from quality and recipe management to visibility into downtime causes and order-related metrics. Our user-centered approach to the MTS is designed to help enterprises collaborate easier and build faster. Better communication between business and IT leads to shorter development cycles, rapid innovation prototyping, and more tailored solutions. Business managers and domain experts can apply their knowledge to expedite the deployment of low-code apps.

The composable apps come grouped to maximize each module’s benefit. But unlike a ready-made OOB product, the MTS is built to be tailored and easily adapted to each manufacturer’s needs. The following modules are included in our MTS and are ready to be molded to your specific processes.

MTS Modules

Digitize your MES with Tools Built for Manufacturing

It’s easy to see the best-of-both-worlds value in the MTS approach. Customizations are modular and easy to implement. Manufacturers don’t have to sacrifice the quick-to-launch appeal of an OOB solution.

But, over time, the real benefits start to add up:

  • Increased visibility from the Order Cockpit informs long-term supply strategy
  • Efficiency gains discovered while tracking machine downtimes can improve the overall bottom line
  • Low-code makes it easier to integrate new technology and maintain a long-term competitive advantage

Reach out to learn more about our Manufacturing Template Suite and get a more detailed look into the different modules.


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